Sam Cross – Meritorious Conduct Awards

Photo of Sam Cross - Article PhotoSam Cross – 34th Cardiff Scout Troop

Sam Cross is a Scout within East and South, within 34th Cardiff Scout Troop, who throws himself at everything on offer and fully immerses himself within Scouting which is well known to all. However what is less well known is his condition, Congenital Central Hypoventilation Syndrome, through which he must be ventilated at night and has a pacemaker fitted due to further heart related issues.


Despite his condition, Sam never lets it get in his way – from camps to kayaking he always finds a way to get involved and is too busy getting stuck in to bother mentioning it. Although as you can imagine despite his independent nature he still has some support from his mum, Sarah, who supports and encourages him to take part rather than wrapping him up in cotton wool.


Therefore following Sam’s strong determination and positivity towards Scouting despite his condition, the decision was made by The UK Scout Association to award him with a Meritorious Conduct Award. As a District we are very proud of Sam, along with all his peers and family, and would like to wish him all the best going forward and hope he continues to enjoy Scouting and inspire others.