Derry O’Toole – Meritorious Conduct Award

Derry O’Toole – Meritorious Conduct AwardPhoto of Derry

“I can’t really explain what it feels like to save someone’s life. It’s quite a strange feeling”

Derry O’Toole, our District Network Commissioner, has recently been awarded with the Chief Scouts Award for Meritorious Conduct after performing lifesaving CPR on one of his neighbours.

Derry has been involved with the District Team since the age of 16 initially working within the Beaver team and has since moved to his new role as of September 2014. He has also continued to volunteer at the 29th Cardiff Scout Group as an Assistant Scout Leader and as an Assistant Explorer Scout Leader with Phoenix ESU.

In November 2013, he was approached by his neighbour when her friend had gone into cardiac arrest following a fault in her friend’s pacemaker. Fortunately due to the first aid skills Derry has acquired from the organisation, he was able to carry out CPR and support the paramedic’s when they arrived. Subsequently the friend has gone on to make a full recovery.

Therefore following Derry’s quick thinking, The Scout Association has decided to award him with the Meritorious Conduct Award. As a District we are very proud of Derry and would like to congratulate him on his actions and wish his neighbour’s friend all the best in the future.