BYC Award

Scout District Recognised As UK Leaders In Youth Empowerment

Sean Stacey, Joey Giddings, Steve EvansCardiff East and South District has been recognised as a winner of the Youth On Board award, recognising achievements in recent work to empower young people alongside adult volunteers.
Around a year ago the District team identified 5 Young Leaders to join the team. Specifically identified for their strengths; Derry, Sean, Sam, Joe and Zach have partnered with an ADC on the team. Over the past year each pair has worked in partnership on a wide range of strategic and operational projects.

Sam Johanson, Joe Holmes

For example, Sean Stacey explained how he worked jointly with ADC Cubs Joey Giddings to plan and delivery this year’s District Cub Camp: “I worked alongside Joey right from the start of the planning and all of the decisions we made were joint decisions. I helped to arrange Packs booking on, approaching leaders to run activities, sort out the catering and lots more along the way. It was great for me to make sure my voice was heard equally at every step of the way and it gave me a great experience.”

Each summer the District team take 24 hours away to review the previous year and to plan the projects, priorities and calendar for the coming year. For the first time this year young people were an integral part of this process, taking part side by side with adult volunteers.

Zach Cater, Derry O'Toole

District Commissioner Kay Holmes said, “I’m remarkably proud of our young people and adults for working so fantastically well in partnership. This is far from being a piece of tokenism; these young people are outstanding ambassadors for the integration of young people and adults alongside each other for projects going forward. We know that a key strand of Vision 2018 is that we are ‘Shaped by young people in partnership with adults’ and we are proud to be leading the way in this area.”

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